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Superintendent - Rev Dr Wendy Kilworth-Mason
Wendy joined the Whitehaven Circuit in September 2014, having previously been ministering in Cornwall and Sierra Leone.
Day off - Friday
11 Westfield Drive, Egremont CA22 2JJ
Telephone: 01946 822380

Rev Paul Kerry
Rev Kerry is priest in charge of Moresby.
The Rectory, Low Moresby, Whitehaven CA28 6RR
Telephone: 01946 66168

Rev Dr Lindsay Gray
Rev Gray is an associate presbyter to the Whitehaven Circuit.

Rev Nan Pryde (Supernumerary)
Rev Pryde is a retired Superintendent of the Whitehaven Methodist Circuit, but is still available to conduct services on request.
7 Rowantree Close, Whitehaven CA28 6LB
Telephone: 01946 599050

Lamplugh, Kirkland and Ennerdale Local Ecumenical Partnership (Anglican-Methodist)
Rev Ian Parker, The Rectory, Vicarage Lane, Ennerdale Bridge, Cleator CA23 3BE
Telephone: 01946 861310

Children's and Family Worker
Katrina MacEwan
1 Barwise Row, Arlecdon, Frizington CA26 3XD
Telephone: 01946 862810 / 07583 366960

Contact us
To contact us, please use one of the links to the left, or to send a general comment or question please click here to contact the website administrator.

Churches in the circuit
The Circuit runs from Whitehaven in the north to Gosforth in the south, encompassing the following churches, each with their own page on the website (see links on the right):
Cleator Moor
Moresby Parks
St Bees

Many of the churches have rooms for hire. Please see the individual church pages, or click here to contact the website administrator.

Sadly, over the past 10-15 years, a number of churches in the Whitehaven Circuit have had to close due to the high cost of maintaining them. Brief details of each church are given below, with some pictures on the right.
Kirkland Methodist Church
This small chapel in the former mining village of Kirkland closed in the early 1990s. The small congregation could not meet the maintenance costs, and the building was sold. The congregation are now part of the Lamplugh with Ennerdale Local Ecumenical Partnership, which worships at Kirkland Mission, and holds a service every month in the Methodist tradition.
Lowca Methodist Church
Lowca sadly closed in July 2007 due to a combination of falling numbers and rising costs, despite the strenuous efforts of the congregation to recruit new members. Some members now worship at the Methodist Churches in Moresby Parks and Hensingham.
Rowrah Methodist Church
Rowrah also suffered from a small congregation and closed in the early 1990s. The church was sold and has now been converted into housing.
Parton Methodist Church
This lovely small chapel in the seaside village of Parton, just north of Whitehaven, closed in 2004. It has since been sold and after obtaining planning permission was demolished and replaced with houses.
Thornhill Methodist Church
The church in Thornhill closed in the mid 1990s, with many of the congregation joining with Egremont Methodist Church as their nearest church. The site was sold and the church demolished.
Whitehaven Methodist Church - Lowther Street
Formerly the largest church in the circuit, and on a prime site in the centre of Whitehaven, this church also fell victim to high maintenance and repair costs. After the church closed, many members transferred to worship at Hensingham Methodist Church, whilst others remained in the town centre at other churches. The church was sold in 1998 and is currently up for sale again.
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